Independence Naval Industries

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  • Ship Tours

    Curious to know about the different ship classes in the Navy? Sign up for our guided ship tours in our viewing bay! Our friendly tour guides are as old as long as the ships here. Tours are open to for all, no age restrictions. Young children are reminded to stay clear of a ship's main batteries and operating areas as every part of our ships are 100% in working condition.

    Children 8 years and above: USD$15
    Adults: USD$30

  • Ship Rentals

    Have a particular ship in mind but not sure if you want it? Fret not, simply rent the ship and take it out for a test-drive! Rentals are on a first-come-first-serve basis due to limited ships available.

    1 day: USD$10,000
    7 days: USD$65,000
    30 days: USD$280,000

  • Special Events

    Looking to have an exclusive event with your friends and family? Why not hold it on board our mightiest fleet? We do birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, you name it! Contact us for information on our event packages and exclusive treats and benefits.