Independence Naval Industries

Dive Into The World Of Warships

Our Fleet features over a dozen ships, dating back to World War II and the Cold-War Era. Put on your commander's cap, and find out which warship type suits you, and amass a navy of your own!

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Fast and maneuverable, these stealthy warships are the fleet's light forces. Though lacking in artillery armament and armor, they make up for with their incredible speeds, and carry powerful torpedoes capable of taking out adversaries swiftly and decisively.



Often referred to as independent vessels, cruisers are the jack of all trades, balanced between armor, artillery and speed. Cruisers are known for their versatility, and their ability to take out destroyers with ease and defend fleets against enemy aircraft.



The pride of the fleet. These ironclad giants have the thickest armor and mightiest guns, capable of withstanding multiple attacks from adversaries. Battleships have unmatched firepower and can annihilate an opponent with just a couple of well-aimed salvos.


Aircraft Carriers

The heart of the fleet. Masters of reconnaissance, an aircraft carrier's primary weapon is aircraft, used to survey enemy positions and conduct devastating air raids, allowing the fleet to conduct strategic attacks for a decisive victory.